Alcohol and Food

Contact UO Catering (541-346-4303) to provide food or beverage for campus events. Any other service provider requires a catering waiver be filled out (catering.uoregon.edu) at least 15 days prior to event date. Alcohol service may require event monitor staff scheduled for the duration of the event (fee incurring).

Amplified Sound

The use of amplified sound in an outdoor space will be approved on an individual basis. Amplified sound must not disrupt or interfere with business operations or academic events.

Helium-filled Balloons

Helium-filled balloons are not allowed in the Ford Alumni Center. Contact your scheduling coordinator for other options.


Decorations (including posters) may not be taped to any permanent surface in the Ford Alumni Center. Contact your scheduling coordinator to discuss decoration/poster hanging options.

Candles/Fog Machines

A sample candle holder- exactly as you will have at the event- must be submitted to the Building Manager/Fire Protection Manager for approval. No open flames (including sparklers) or smoke of any kind are permitted. Some candles with enclosed flame are permitted. A candle approval request is required 15 working days prior to event date.

Event Security

Some large events or those held when the building is closed will require security. This will be determined on an individual basis. Security costs are the responsibility of the sponsor.

Event Staff

Ford Alumni Center event support staff is required for all delivery, setup, operation, takedown, and any other functions deemed necessary.

Group Liability

Any damage occurring during the use of a university facility is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization. A certificate of liability insurance is required before confirmation of your event can be made. An example of liability insurance policy is available upon request.

Outdoor Space

Requests for outdoor space around the Alumni Center and across campus will be handled on an individual basis and are subject to restrictions necessary to prevent conflict with previously scheduled classes and events/meetings in the Alumni Center.


Some metered parking is available on the streets. A one-day visitor parking permit in a student/staff parking lot can be obtained through the Department of Public Safety (541-346-2919). The lot adjacent to the alumni center (Columbia Parking Garage) is subject to special conditions for Matthew Knight Arena events and should be assessed for availability with DPS prior to the event. The Ford Alumni Center makes no guarantee of available parking and has no obligation to assist with parking reservation in any way.

Room Capacity

Fire Code requires that room capacities are not exceeded, that room setups have proper aisles, and that there is no obstruction of exits, stairways or traffic areas/emergency egress. For complex room layouts, please work with your scheduling coordinator to customize the arrangement.

Room Rates

In addition to the room rental, your group may be charged for staff and equipment necessary to facilitate your event. Event supervisors are required for all events held in the Giustina Ballroom, Tykeson Family Hall, and all outdoor spaces.

Extended/Holiday Building Hour Rates

For events requiring spaces in the Ford Alumni Center to be open beyond normal operating hours or on a legal holiday, extended building hour rates may apply. These rates are in addition to normal room rental and equipment/staffing charges that may be required.