Photo: Oregon of University Libraries

Co-ed canoe jousting on the Millrace in 1963. If you know any of these Ducks, drop us a line.


Photo: University of Oregon Libraries.

Pictured above are several male and female students posing under a tree in front of a house circa 1970. If you recognize anyone from this photo, send us a note.


Photo: University of Oregon Libraries

University of Oregon cheerleading squad from 1984-85. Each member is modeling a different style of UO shirt. From left to right, front row: Robin Templeton, Kym Easton, Heidi Hedburg. Standing: Rhonda Blades, Chris Marsh, Nancy Loo, Rick Schaufler, Vanessa Sykes, Kasey Brooks.

Do you know the unidentified Duck from the 1984 cheer squad? Give us a clue.