Welcoming Back Students and the Class of 2017

By UO student Chelsea Fullmer

As undergraduate and graduate students return to Eugene for the beginning of fall term, a new set of Ducks make their first mark on the UO campus. After sending the class of 2013 into the real world in June, the UO welcomes the class of 2017.

Move-in Day 2013

With a late school start of September 30, many incoming students have had their longest summer ever and have had to say goodbye to countless amounts of friends going to semester schools starting in August. Now it is the Ducks’ turn to flock to the Pacific Northwest for fall classes, football games, and living in the residence halls for the first time.

UO Freshman Profiles

A new school year brings new changes as campus continues to evolve with countless construction projects, new curriculum, and incoming and transfer students. The incoming class is expected to be high-performing academically and diverse ethnically and socioeconomically, according to Jonathan Jacobs, Director of Enrollment Management Research at the UO. Meet some of the new Ducks in this prestigious group here.