UOAA Receives Responses from Alumni Survey

By Damian Foley

Founded in 1879 by members of the University of Oregon’s first graduating class, the University of Oregon Alumni Association exists to serve graduates, former students, and friends of the UO.

With membership options available for anyone who bleeds green and yellow, regardless of whether they ever took a class at the UO or not, the potential pool of UOAA members is large—and the range of interests of those members is just as large.

To help the UO Alumni Association better serve the Duck community, earlier this year almost 60,000 alumni were e-mailed a survey, asking them questions about their time at the UO and their relationship to, and impression of, the UOAA.

The recently-released findings will help the UOAA better serve its constituents going forward, and will aid the association as it looks to increase its membership. More members means more support for the UO, more voices lobbying on behalf of the university in Salem—like those who played a role in the establishment of the new governing board—and more opportunities for Ducks to network, help each other out, and enjoy each other’s company.

Respondents ranged from members of the Order of the Emerald to those with ink barely dry on their diplomas, and 55 percent are life members of the UOAA. The majority contribute financially to their alma mater, but even those who don’t still promote the UO to others. Three out of every four respondents classed their experience as an alumnus or alumna as “good” or “excellent,” and approximately 95 percent said their current opinion of the UO was also “good” or “excellent.”

The responses received regarding what alumni would like to see more, and less, of from the UOAA were insightful, and will be of huge benefit to the association going forward as it looks to increase its membership and provide alumni and friends with as many opportunities as possible to engage with each other and the university.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and to those who didn’t, please consider participating in the future as your opinions are vitally important. The UOAA cannot serve its constituents if it doesn’t know what they want. The in-depth survey will be repeated every three years, with shorter surveys sent out annually in the years between, so keep an eye on your inboxes next year for another opportunity to help shape the future of the UOAA.

Go Ducks!

Download the results of the Alumni Attitude Survey (PDF)