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Son’s tribute enhances UO’s Korean studies programs

Jee Youn Lim (left) and Seong Keun Yi (far right) welcomed the UO’s John Manotti, Jeff Hanes, and Dennis Galvan on their working trip to Seoul.

UO students now have the opportunity to learn from major figures in Korean studies, thanks to a gift honoring the founder Optrontec, one of the world’s foremost producers of optical components such as screen glass for smartphones.

The gift, which supports a visiting lecture series named for the late Myung Sup Lim, is from Jee-Youn Lim, who succeeded his father as the company’s CEO.

Jeff Hanes, an associate professor of history, said the gift greatly enhances the UO’s offerings in Korean studies.

“This generous gift is allowing the UO to sponsor lectures by some of the world’s leading authorities on Korea,” said Hanes, who directs the UO Center for Asian and Pacific Studies. “We are grateful to Mr. Jee-Youn Lim for his generosity and to Mr. Myung Sup Lim for the exemplary life that inspired it.”

Hanes also expressed appreciation for his Korean colleague, Professor Seong Keun Yi of Sungshin Women’s University in Seoul, who became a loyal Duck during the year he spent as a visiting scholar in the UO’s Center for Asian and Pacific Studies.

“Professor Yi is one of the university’s most important friends in Seoul,” Hanes said. “Through his efforts, the university is deepening its ties with Korea in ways that greatly benefit students in both of our countries.”