Global Ducks

Oh, the places you can go—with your fellow Ducks!

Flying the UO colors at the tip of South Africa.

It’s no secret—Ducks love to fly. But did you know the UO Alumni Association organizes tours of many of the world’s most fascinating destinations?

One UOAA-sponsored group recently traveled from South Africa’s Cape of Good Hope to Zimbabwe.

"My wife and I have taken eight or nine trips with the alumni associations at the universities with which I have been associated,” said trip host Robert Berdahl, former interim UO president. “The UO alumni trip to South Africa last May was easily one of the very best.”

Robert and his wife, Peg, led fourteen Ducks who toured Robben Island, explored the Cape Peninsula, tracked the “big five” game animals on a safari, visited Soweto, and much more.

“We learned about the recent history of South Africa, saw both its beauty and its squalor, had a fabulous safari experience, had a memorable trip on a beautiful train, and saw Victoria Falls, one of the wonders of the world,” he said. “It was a spectacular trip."

Ducks who fancy themselves as modern-day explorers won’t find a trip to Victoria Falls among the UOAA’s eighteen travel options in 2014. Africa is one of the few places on the map not covered this time around.

UOAA’s 2014 trips will cover thirty countries on four continents, allowing Ducks to trace the footsteps of Mark Twain, William Wallace, Socrates, Peter the Great, and Julius Caesar.

Some of the highlights include tours of Cuba, an elephant sanctuary in Siam, the mighty Amazon and Mississippi Rivers, the ancient ruins of Greece and Rome, the Swiss Alps, the waterways of Russia, and the castles of Scotland.

Two of the “new seven wonders of the world”—the Coliseum and Machu Picchu—are also on the agenda. If the thought of all of that sightseeing makes you hungry, there’s even a food-and-wine-themed trek to Northern Italy.

When possible, tours allow travelers to connect with international Ducks at alumni events. If you’d like to help host such a gathering, please check the 2014 travel destinations to see if a tour is coming to your part of the world.

The UOAA is taking reservations now for 2014 trips. Remember, the alumni travel program is one of the many benefits available to members of the UO Alumni Association. If you're not a member, learn more.