Share Your Career Experience, Insight, and Advice 

Career Profile

We’re proud of your success and want to share it with other alumni! If you’re willing to share your story, please let us know HERE. Our communications associate will interview volunteers and write your career profile for other Ducks to learn from.

Alumni Career Blog

You can feature in your very own career blog! Work with our communications associate and director of the Duck Career Network to keep and updated blog of your career endeavors, and advice for other Ducks. If interested, please let us know HERE.

Serve on a Speakers Panel and/or Meet Other Ducks

Nothing beats face-to-face interaction with other Ducks! If you’re in a metropolitan area with a strong alumni presence, you are most likely near UO events, including networking gatherings and regional receptions. If you’re interested in serving on a speakers panel focused on an area of your expertise, or you would like to network with other Ducks in your area, please let us know HERE.

Refer a job opportunity with your organization, because DUCKS Hire DUCKS!

The best hires are often found through referrals, so hire a Duck when given the chance! You’ll help a fellow Duck while making your organization stronger!  

DuckConnect:  Have a career position vacancy? Post your job on DuckConnect and get more Ducks on your team!

Use DuckConnect to post your career position for other Ducks to see. UO alumni and current students use DuckConnect to learn about job openings and research employers of interest. Show your love for the University of Oregon and increase the value of our graduates by HIRING A DUCK!