The Duck Career Network

Ducks looking for a career boost have a new resource in the UOAA’s Duck Career Network.

Through the Duck Career Network, UO alumni have access to career expos where they are able to meet face-to-face with some of the biggest companies in the country.

By Chloe Meyere, UO student and Duck Career Network Communications Associate

The University of Oregon Alumni Association has expanded and added a new department, one designed to help Ducks advance in their chosen professions. The Duck Career Network aims to provide UO alumni with new and exciting opportunities, and offers assistance for alumni searching for connections, career advice, and advancement so that they can reach their goals.

The Duck Career Network website was created to help alumni get engaged and feel connected, regardless of their proximity to campus. Virtual networking events and speaker panels broadcast over streaming video will allow for dynamic interaction between alumni. James Chang, Director of the Duck Career Network, joined the UO Alumni Association in September 2013 to launch the program.

“I’m most excited about the platforms we’re creating to allow alumni from any location to connect with, and learn from, other Ducks from anywhere in the country—or even around the world,” Chang said. “Watching a live streaming panel discussion between alumni, each based in different cities, on your computer is very convenient, yet extremely meaningful. And the ‘virtual networking’ online one-on-one chat sessions we’ll host will allow alumni to start conversations with other Ducks, which later on can move to more personal platforms like a phone call, a Skype chat, or an in-person meeting.”

The UOAA launched the Duck Career Network
to help UO alumni with their job searches.

Currently, the Duck Career Network website also provides detailed guides and “how to’s” that will help alumni build strong and complete professional portfolios. Members of the UOAA now have access to a wide range of cutting-edge, career boosting resources, like EBSCO—providing exclusive access to professional literature—and Going Global—job search resources to support an international job search. Alumni can also view a series of online career webinars featuring authors and other professionals.

One of the most innovative aspects of the Duck Career Network is its dedication to presenting Ducks with career insight from other Ducks. Career profiles are posted to the website regularly, featuring alumni in a wide range of fields. These profiles give details of the alumnus’ or alumna’s career and experience.

“An unfamiliar career field and how one gets onto that career path can be a mystery for someone outside of that field,” Chang explains. “Reading about a fellow alum’s experience and advice can help someone evaluate [whether] a career path or job is worth pursuing.”

However, The Duck Career Network’s reach is not limited to the online platform. The DCN offers regular seminars and events in various regions, giving all alumni the opportunity to boost their careers with a hands-on approach and face-to-face networking opportunities. These events are typically held in larger metropolitan areas, such as Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, and even New York.

For more information, visit the, and check out the Duck Career Network on Twitter at @uoduckcareer.