Membership Matters

Why I’m a member of the UOAA

Many University of Oregon alumni ask me, “Why should I join the alumni association?” First and foremost, I tell them that if they have a dedication and love for the University of Oregon, then joining the UO Alumni Association is the right thing to do. Second, I tell them why I’m a member.

My wife, Lisa, and I became Joint Life Members of the UOAA years ago because we wanted to stay close, connected and engaged with our alma mater. The university was instrumental in shaping our lives, and we are grateful for everything we have gained from those experiences. We met for the first time on campus, attained degrees at the UO, have used them to further our professions, and made lifelong friendships at the UO. Membership in the UOAA is the effortless way we remain connected to that which has had such a tremendous impact on us.

Because of our UOAA membership, we receive notifications about the university and are kept informed of happenings in the campus community. We began attending local chapter events and activities on campus, which were links to forming new friendships with other alumni—people who share the same passion for our alma mater.

Lisa and I have appreciated the many rewards of our UOAA membership, but it wasn’t until I volunteered on the UOAA board of directors in the early ʼ90s that I realized the importance of membership. In that position, I quickly learned about the inner workings of the UOAA and how the dues paid by members help to connect more Ducks with the UO.

Here are a few of the many things members’ dues accomplished last year:

  • Fifty alumni events were held around the country, encouraging thousands of UO alumni to strengthen their relationships with the university and each other.
  • The Duck Career Network was launched, helping UOAA members around the country connect, improve resumes, develop their professional skills, and find work.
  • Support was given to the 22 UOAA alumni chapters around the world as they engaged thousands of Ducks in hundreds of events.
  • The third Multicultural Alumni Reunion welcomed back nearly 150 under represented alumni to the university.
  • The association proudly hosted the Class of 1963 as these alumni returned to campus for their 50th class reunion.
  • Twelve monthly electronic newsletters were produced, keeping Ducks informed about their alma mater.
  • The Alumni Advocacy Network was activated to help the UO set up an institutional board to manage it affairs and direct its future.

After an alumnus asks for a reason to join the UOAA, they usually say, “What do I get for my membership?” Well, you do get some wonderful rewards, including 20 percent off at the Duck Store, access to the Duck Career Network, and discounts on alumni events. However, after more than 20 plus years of UOAA membership, Lisa and I can attest to much greater benefits … enriching relationships with the UO and many other alumni. And for what we paid to receive our Joint Life Memberships, it has been a fantastic return on our investment.

Happy New Year, and Go Ducks!

Tim Clevenger ’86
Executive Director