Membership Month

Start the new year off right by resolving to strengthen your connection with the UO.

Our 22,300 members support the UO and the
UOAA, and in return we ensure they will always
feel connected to the university.

The start of a new year is often the time people resolve themselves to improve aspects of their lives.

Quit smoking. Exercise more. Eat less. Tell my family more often that I love them. Write the next great American novel. Save up for a big trip. Do more for people in need.

But what if you could help others and help yourself in one fell swoop?

Membership in the University of Oregon Alumni Association does just that—it offers members a number of incredible rewards, while also helping the UO. More than 22,300 UO alumni and friends have made the decision to become UOAA members, and their support makes a very real impact on the university.

For starters, membership dues—which are 80 percent tax deductible—help everyone from current students to UOAA members worldwide. What do we do with the dues our members pay? Here is just a sampling of where the money goes:

  • Scholarships, to help the UO recruit the best and brightest students from around the nation. The fall 2013 incoming freshman class had the highest average GPA and SAT and ACT scores in UO history.
  • Networking events, to help current and former students advance in their careers. Through the Duck Career Network, UOAA members can attend networking events both online and in the real world, and can participate in webinars to get career advice from some of the brightest minds around. Students have the opportunity to attend the annual Speed Networking Event, where they sit face-to-face with alumni in various fields to learn about what it takes to be successful as a professional.
  • Assisting our chapters worldwide. The UOAA has 20 domestic chapters, two international chapters, and three cultural and interest groups under its wing. These chapters keep Ducks connected with one another by organizing events throughout the year, from watch parties to cheer for the Ducks on the gridiron, to community service events, such as Ducks Doing Good. The UOAA offers guidance and oversight to each chapter (as well as awesome prizes for members to win at various events), ensuring each one serves its members to the standard they deserve as UO alumni and friends.
  • Organizing UOAA events and opportunities for its members. We love our members, and we don’t want them to ever feel separated from the UO—so we try to get them together whenever possible. We offer international travel packages (18 different packages in 2014 alone!) for members with an acute case of wanderlust, tailgates before select road football games and bowl games for those who want to cheer for the Ducks, science nights for alumni interested in the mysteries of the universe, and more.
  • Student Alumni Association programming. The SAA enjoys a very visible presence on campus, and the staff of students—all gaining valuable work experience—serve their peers by strengthening the ties between students and alumni, offering career help, and facilitating community service projects to instil in students the ethos of giving back.

Put another way, membership helps the UOAA: recruit better students, so the university increases in academic stature, so everyone’s degree becomes more prestigious; helps us help you and your fellow Ducks advance professionally, so Ducks are more of a force in the business world, so everyone’s degree becomes more valuable; and helps us plan events that bring members together, so your degree will be surrounded on your wall by photos of you with fellow Ducks in front of the Coliseum or at tailgates, so everyone’s degree will just be cooler.

And all of that is in addition to the great rewards we offer our members, such as member nights at the Nike and Columbia Employee Stores; discounts at select national retailers, including Jos. A. Bank, BellaBlu Maternity, and Brooks Brothers; and priority purchasing of single-game football tickets.

If you want to do something good for the UO in 2014, and do something good for yourself in the process, become a member of the UOAA. You don’t have to be a graduate of the UO—you just need to love the university, and have the desire to make it even better than it currently is.

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