The SAA Gives Back

The Student Alumni Association kicks off the New Year with various student-driven community and fundraising events.

For 12 hours, Ducks will dance at UO Electr-O to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network.

By UO student Chelsea Fullmer

The Student Alumni Association kicks off the New Year with various student-driven community and fundraising events, including the popular fundraising event “UO Electr-O,” on January 25.

The SAA will join other student groups at the Erb Memorial Union to boogie the day away while raising money for the local Children’s Miracle Network. Last year, the SAA assembled its very first group of roughly 30 participants for the philanthropic dancing event, and raised more than $250. The event as a whole raised more than $24,000. This year, the team hopes to contribute to the thousands of dollars raised for the Eugene branch of the Children’s Miracle Network, a non-profit children’s hospital organization. While the SAA team is smaller this year, they have already raised $1,000, with time still left to raise more funds before the big event.

“UO Miracle continuously works to bring various student organizations together in order to make a difference in the lives of our local community,” said SAA Director of Operations Shelby Giancaspro. “The event itself might be the longest 12 hours of my life, but I know that everyone there not only has a common goal of helping others, but that even the smallest donation counts.”

Donors contribute to the UO’s greatness, and
at “Oregon Made Possible” the students have
the opportunity to thank the philanthropists for
their support.

Alumni return for the SAA’s Etiquette Dinner and Fashion Show event on February 13. This event aids students in learning proper business etiquette, and how to dress to impress. The SAA partners with the UO Career Center and Oregon Community Credit Union to host a formal night full of food and fashion.

Next up on the list of events for the SAA is the annual Oregon Made Possible on February 27, where students gather to write “Thank You” cards to those who have donated to the university. Students get a chance to learn about the funding that UO alumni and donors provide, and they give their individual thanks. Last year, approximately 200 participated, and completed a total of 864 cards.

With a full schedule ahead, the SAA team continues to build and foster lifelong relationships with other students, alumni, and the university.