Wanna Get Away?

On Sale Now, the UOAA’s 2015 Travel Destinations Include Multiple South Pacific Stops.

Planet Earth is an incredible place. Tropical paradises with warm, azure waters, white sand beaches, and swaying palm trees offer unparalleled opportunities for rest and relaxation. Australia boasts an incredible array of animals found nowhere else on earth, including the cuddly koala; the kangaroo, which can bound along at 40 miles per hour even with a joey in the pouch; and the world’s only two species of monotreme (egg-laying mammal), the platypus and the echidna. New Zealand, at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean’s famed “Ring of Fire,” is a geographic marvel, with expansive beaches and lush rainforests surrounding active volcanoes, thermal mud pools, towering fjords, rolling hills, and the world’s southernmost alpine range.

That is relaxing beaches, unique wildlife, and breathtaking scenery—all without discussing the African savannah, with its majestic animals; Europe and Asia, with legendary cities that shaped modern civilization; or even Oregon itself, with snow covered mountains, fauna-rich forests, and rivers and lakes ripe for exploring and adventure.

The University of Oregon Alumni Association’s 2015 travel program consists of 17 tours, combining cruises and land packages that explore five of the world’s continents. Two tours—Discover Down Under and Polynesian Paradise—are already on sale, and will take UO alumni to many of the pearls of the  South Pacific—including Tahiti, an island known for its black pearls.

Polynesian Paradise visits six French Polynesian destinations, including Rangiroa, the second largest atoll in the world; Bora Bora, where villas with thatched roofs overlook clear blue lagoons; and Papeete, capital of Tahiti. Relax on the white and black sand beaches, dive the atolls, enjoy the fragrant vanilla groves while strolling beneath the palm trees, and prepare to return to the US tanned and relaxed.

Discover Down Under is an 18-day tour that visits 11 coastal cities in Australia and New Zealand, giving Ducks the opportunity to experience Australia’s amazing wildlife and legendary architecture, and New Zealand’s stunning scenery. Starting in Sydney, known for its Opera House, Harbor Bridge, and numerous beaches, the Australian leg of the trip includes Melbourne, thrice named the world’s “Ultimate Sports City,” and Hobart, capital of the island state of Tasmania.

From there, the trip continues to New Zealand, visiting Milford Sound—named the top travel destination in the world, and described by author Rudyard Kipling as the eighth wonder of the world—before sailing up New Zealand’s wildlife-rich east coast, known for its whale and dolphin populations, and stopping at Napier, in the heart of New Zealand’s wine country; the Bay of Islands, with its rainforests and islands; Auckland, which finished third in Mercer’s 2014 rankings of the world’s best cities; and more.

Travel events will be held in Eugene, Portland, and Bend in May to promote the full range of 2015 travel destinations. Contact UOAA Executive Assistant and Constituency Manager Shannon Rose at shannonr@uoregon.edu or 541-346-5657 to pre-book your spot on one of our 2015 tours and secure a discounted rate, or for information about the upcoming events.