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Joseph K. Aborah '13
Anthony J. Anderson '00
Jodi L. Anderson
Gregory V. Bader
David R. Beach, Ret. '59 '82
Dulcy A. Berri '79
Barry Biggs '56
Betty Boehm Biggs
Michael J. Bishop '10
Aaron B. Boothby '12
Elizabeth L. Bryan '09
Gui I. Bryant '09
James C. Buckley '77
Rachel Chana Cohn '11
Emily Louise Critchfield '11
Benjamin R. DeJarnette '13
Erika P. Dilling '13
Karen Hansen Easton '64
Sarah E. Elmer '76
Jason A. Gillis '95 '97
Mark D. Green '81
Julianne Gregory '76
Sidney M. Gregory '76
Caitlin M. Hannah '09
Tianna M. Harris '09
Kathryn A. Hibbard '56
Frank E. Hobden '76
Melanie C. Hobden '76
Nella Barendse Hoffer '62
Brianna M. Hutchison '08 '09
Theodore L. Johnson '54
Allen M. Kamemoto '70
Jeffrey M. Lake '63 '79
Alfonso Ledesma-Lopez '14
Barry E. Locklear '85
Chris Lovelace '73
King B. Martin '67
Melinda Martin '67
Allan A. Morotti '84 '92
Larry L. Neal '61 '62 '69
Patricia Goodale Neal '62
Albert C. Oetting, III '89
Charles W. Ott '64
Samantha M. Padilla '14
Sunae Park '92
Mark S. Patterson '76
Susan Plumley Piche '69
William K. Piche '68 '70
Kristen M. Pittard '10
Douglas K. Plambeck '72
Mark E. Powell '78
Bryce C. Richardson '10
Robert L. Rode '77
Jason A. Shanks '95
James N. Stevens '73
Monica M. Stitt '13
Colin J. Sweeney '14
Dennis B. Tanner '13
Yutaro Tashiro '13
Ann Mason VanDyke '86
Gregory S. VanDyke '86
Jacob Veldhuisen '58 '62 '72
Neil B. Walker '63
Marla Weinstein Weiner '69
Charlene Woodworth
Jay M. Woodworth '62
John C. Wright
Judith Stansbury Wright '80