Grace Shum

UO Sophomore’s Three Majors Takes Her Across the Atlantic Ocean to London.

By UO student Chelsea Fullmer

Eugene native—and member of a Duck family—Grace Shum came to the UO thanks both to its convenience and a scholarship from the UOAA’s Lane County Ducks chapter. This assistance not only made Shum’s college experience a little less stressful, but did so for her family as well.

“Because of the scholarship I am able to pay for my own regular tuition,” Shum said. “This allows my parents to help my siblings pay for their college tuition, so we can all eventually graduate without student debt or loans.”

Triple-majoring in English, digital arts, and pre-advertising, the sophomore is currently several thousand miles away from her family, studying abroad in London.

“They've wanted me to explore and experience another atmosphere,” Shum said of her parents. “I've also always wanted to go to London, hence the perfect opportunity to study abroad. And it's been lovely.”

Prior to her excursion in London, Shum declared three majors in three different departments: the College of Arts & Sciences, the School of Architecture and Allied Arts, and the School of Journalism and Communication.

“I chose English because I love literature and want to be an author someday,” said Shum. “My interest in arts and the practical side of things resulted in the other two majors.”

While she says it is possible that she may drop one of her majors during her tenure at the UO, she still has other majors she’s also considering, such as a fibers degree in the art program.

Lane County Ducks awards scholarships to incoming freshmen students in the Eugene area each year. For more information on the UOAA’s Lane County chapter, visit