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Charlotte Kraaz Barley '88
Kenneth J. Barley
Kathleen B. Cheney '14
John A. Church '63
Kyle D. Dunbar '13
Lydia P. Folwell '14
Beth Brinkman Garland '91
Dominic G. Gerace '13
Katherine T. Gomez '91
Jennifer I. Hector '91 '97
Charles P. Jackson '14
Daniel L. Koch '13
Michael J. Lattanzi '14
Judy W. Lyons '61
Cory R. Mainor '05 '09
"Tad L. McCall, Jr. '67"
Valerie A. Mickelson '95 '13
Ethelind Tan Mizar '04
Carol Schmitt Pitts '61
Laura K. Ruddy '14
Scott D. Showalter '08
Clayton C. Skulski '13
Rodney E. Smith '68
Jose S. Villa '72 '74
Kristina Olson Wilde '79
Katelyn Kristine Enebo '11
David B. Hutchinson '10
David J. Kimura '92
Toshio Kodama '76 '77
Yoshie Kodama
Kwok-Wai A. Law '05
Timothy A. Lukas '92
Joel R. Mattson '04
Stephen C. Navarro '11
John Procopio
Maureen E. Procopio
Susan E. Ratzlaff '09
Tina M. Rinaldi '99 '01
Emma L. Roberts '13
The Hon. Chips Stewart '75
Andrea M. Valadez '06
Angela I. Wilhelms