Student Spotlight: Kellan Kadooka

Oregon-born and Hawaii-raised student Kellan Kadooka is making his time at the University of Oregon count

By UO Student Lili Wagner

Kellan Kadooka, recipient of the UOAA Hawaii
Chapter’s Duane Cargill Memorial Scholarship,
is a rising junior at UO.

Kellan Kadooka, though born in Hillsboro, Oregon, was raised in Hawaii. He grew up playing the ukulele and fishing on the west side of the Big Island before deciding to return to the University of Oregon for his undergraduate experience because, believe it or not, he missed Oregon’s cold and drizzly climate.

“I enjoyed the falls and all of the weather there,” Kadooka said of his decision to trade tropical sun for Pacific Northwest rain.

Kadooka, a recipient of the University of Oregon Alumni Association Hawaii Chapter’s Duane Cargill Memorial Scholarship, is now a rising junior pursuing double majors in humanities and psychology. He hopes to specialize in child psychology.

“I’ve always been fascinated with how children’s minds work,” he said. “There’s a need for people who can help disadvantaged children.”

Kadooka’s interest in helping the underprivileged extends beyond his career aspirations. His long list of community service activity includes work with the Hawaii Blood Bank, Hawaii Food Basket, and Community Beach Clean-Up.

In addition to community service work, Kadooka participates in activities with the UO Hawaii Club, Hui O Hawaii. He said of Hawaiian culture, “It’s a big part of who I am. Hawaii is such a melting pot of cultures. You miss it a little bit.”

Despite missing Hawaii’s sense of community and strong support network, Kellan strives to carry the islands’ kind “We’re here and we’re here to help you” attitude with him at the University of Oregon.