Rec Roomier

The Student Recreation Center boasts of improved facilities, accessibility, and sustainability

A student hams it up on the boulder wall.

By UO student Lili Wagner

Under construction since the summer of 2013, the University of Oregon Student Recreation Center re-opened its doors to students, UOAA members, and the Eugene community on January 5. The building, which has only been partially open for periods of the past year, now welcomes back fitness enthusiasts along with the seasonal New Year’s resolution crowd and those simply seeking to admire and explore the new space.

The new Student Recreation Center added
more than 110,000 square feet of space during
its recent renovation.

The $50 million renovation was an entirely student-funded project, and the expansion includes more than 110,000 square feet of new space and 40,000 square feet of renovated space. With new facilities including a three-court gym, a twelve-lane lap pool, a recreational pool, a spa, a cycling studio, and expanded group exercise and fitness spaces, the SRC is now better equipped to handle the demands of the UO’s 24,181 undergraduate and graduate students, in addition to faculty, staff, UOAA members, the Eugene community, and visitors.

“In the old facility, we were certainly outgrowing it,” said Molly Kennedy, the Student Recreation Center’s Assistant Director of Marketing.

And not only does the new recreation center boast of new facilities, it has also made tremendous improvements in terms of accessibility and sustainability. The SRC remodel features improved grading on the east entrance, two wheelchair storage rooms, better elevator access, and ramp entry access to the pool.

The new Student Recreation Center embraces
open space and natural light.

It now also includes a more efficient heating and cooling system, in addition to an improved lighting system. The Leighton Pool, a cistern that will collect rain water to flush the toilets of the facility and irrigate the exterior landscaping, is expected to repurpose about 400,000 gallons of water in the average year. Projected to be LEED Platinum certified, the SRC will be the largest of just three campus recreation facilities in the country to win the highest level of sustainability certification.

Shortly after its January 5 opening, the SRC hosted a watch party for the College Football National Championship.

“It was pretty festive. We filled it up. We were at capacity,” said Kennedy.

With more than 600 students in attendance, the event was a success despite the game’s unfavorable outcome.

Students, community members, and visitors alike are invited to enjoy the new SRC. UOAA members are eligible for discounted passes, giving them $45 off a term pass if they provide proof of UOAA membership at the time of registration.

“We want students to be in here,” said Kennedy. “If they want to exercise that’s great, but if not, just come hang out. We want people to balance their lives in this space.”

Upcoming SRC events for UOAA members and the Eugene community: