In Memoriam

February 2015

Alumni records has been notified of the passing of the following members of the Duck Community. The UO Alumni Association wishes to express our condolences to family and friends.

Please contact alumni records at for information.

Mr. Brent C. Allison BS '77, MS '79
Mrs. Lilyan M. Anderson MED '65
Mr. Ted D. Baimbridge '64
Mr. Stephen M. Biagiotti MBA '72
Mr. Donald A. Bick BS '57, BL '60
Ms. Kathleen McMullen Britain BS '55
Mr. William J. Bunker BA '97
Ms. Deborah S. Card MED '79
Mr. Wesley J. Chamberlain BS '84, MS '87
Mr. Ben R. Clabaugh BS '40
Mr. Kenneth L. Clark '64
Mrs. Mary Sherman Cooper BA '48
Mrs. Edith W. Cruise MLS '67
Mr. Norman C. Danielson BS '38
Mr. Norman L. Degner BS '50
Mrs. Corinne Ziniker Doane '53
Dr. Kenneth W. Erickson DED '70
Mr. Peter J. Ewbank BA '10
Ms. Shelby R. Ferguson BS '82
Mr. Thomas P. Ferrero BS '83
Mr. Mark E. Garrabrant BM '77
Mr. Micheal S. Hall BS '68
Mr. Donald F. Holden, Jr. BS '48
Mr. Richard W. Hull MMUS '68
Mr. Wallace K. Huntington BA '52
Ms. Marjorie Bartle Kocher MA '77
Mr. Richard P. Lakefish BS '70
Mr. Richard L. Lowell BS '63
Mr. Donald E. Lytle MBA '76
Mrs. Jeannette Allen McCready BS '62
Dr. Eileen M. Palmer MED '88, MS '91, PHD '94
Mr. Max N. Peabody, Jr. '41
Mr. Calvin A. Pihl BS '47
Dr. Paul D. Quist BA '81
Lt. Col. John T. Radich BS '70
Mr. Rudolph Rechle BS '52
Mr. Brent W. Robbins BS '51
Mr. Walter E. Rogers BS '83
Miss Marijoy T. Rubaloff MLS '71
Mrs. Trudy Schidleman BS '54
Dr. Harvey J. Schmidt, Jr. MA '65, PHD '69
Mr. Ronald W. Sears, Jr. BS '82
Mr. Jim Stinebaugh '43
Mr. Emery N. Sundberg BS '57
Mr. Dominic Tagliavento BS '81
Ms. P. Zoe Littlefield Taylor '45
Mr. William A. Teipner BS '48
Mr. Ted J. Tenney MED '62
Mr. Douglas R. Thompson BS '54
Mr. Wilson C. Walker BS '48
Mr. Bob Weaver MED '58
Mr. David R. Wells BS '77
Mr. Robert A. Werum BS '46
Mrs. Gnan G. Wheelock BA '38
Mr. R. Dale White BBA '53
Mrs. Carole Newland Whitehead BS '65
Dr. Roger C. Wiley BS '49, MS '53, PHD '63
Dr. Paul F. Wilson BS '45