In Memoriam

March 2015

Alumni records has been notified of the passing of the following members of the Duck Community. The UO Alumni Association wishes to express our condolences to family and friends.

Please contact alumni records at for information.

Mr. James L. Barlow BS '51, MS '55
Mr. Peyton H. Bennett BS '42
Dr. George L. Benson DED '70
Mrs. Virginia Wright Bingham BS '52, MS '67
Mr. Stanley N. Boquist, Jr. BS '49
Mr. Frank M. Bosch BS '43, BL '49
Mrs. Sara Casebeer Brown BS '64, MS '66
Ms. Ruth L. Chapman MMUS '78
Mr. William E. Clothier BS '52
Mr. Matthew L. Collins BS '97
Mr. Donald D. Delaney BS '54
Mr. Bertrand J. Dotson BS '51, MED '62
Mr. Harold M. Everton BS '48
Dr. Ronald J. Faoro BS '77
Mr. Thomas M. France BS '70
Ms. Janet I. George BS '63
Mr. Barry J. Hasson BS '65
Dr. Raymond R. Hatton MA '69, PHD '89
Mrs. E. Ann Burgess Heestand BA '48
Mrs. Barbara T. Hildebrand BS '48
Mr. Burton D. Hines BS '50
Mr. Robert P. Holowecky MBA '70
Mrs. Marilyn C. Holsinger BA '44
Mr. Clifton L. Hooker BS '61
Ms. Judith Foley Jarrett CWS '82, BS '82
Dr. Herbert N. Johnson, Jr. DED '71
Dr. Norman J. Johnston BARC '49
Dr. Robert M. Leflore MS '67, PHD '73
Mr. F. Woodward Lewis, Jr. MA '66, MS '71
Dr. Ronald J. Lowell BS '54
Mr. Gary A. Ludke MED '62
Dr. Philip A. Lydon PHD '68
Mr. Thomas J. Mills BS '08
Mr. Leslie L. Mitchell, Jr. BARC '76
Dr. Russell D. Monahan BS '50, MS '64, PHD '70
Ms. Nancy Phillips Newman BS '71
Mrs. Edith V. Cole Nielson BS '62
Mr. John G. Otsyula BS '00
Mr. John F. Palmer BS '73
Mrs. Esther Trippett Piske '55
Mrs. Josephine T. Pohl MLS '73
Mr. Richard Rodiger BS '50
Mr. Romano Romani MED '61
Mr. Frederick D. Schatz BBA '55
Mr. Estley D. Schick BA '46, MMUS '66
Mrs. Joyce Pretari Sellars BA '59
Mr. Ted A. Sharp BS '70
Mrs. Margaret Chaney Shearer BA '46
Mr. Clarence P. Skillern BA '49
Mr. William S. Slease MBA '69
Ms. Toby Steelhammer BA '48
Mr. Curtis A. Thompson MS '67
Ms. Garnet H. Whisenhunt '59
Mr. Bruce W. White JD '84
Mrs. Maryann T. Zivic BS '48