Twenty-five Ducks Who Will Change the World

The University of Oregon Alumni Association is proud to partner with the Emerald Media Group each year in recognizing 25 outstanding Ducks.

The 25 Ducks award honors students at the University of Oregon who have the potential to change the world. This is just one way for the UOAA to show our appreciation for all that our students do for our university and our local community.

The Emerald Media Group began this award as an opportunity for outstanding students at the UO to be recognized by their peers for the work they are doing, both on campus and off. This award is also sponsored by the Student Alumni Association, a UO Alumni Association-affiliated student organization that is focused on building the best Ducks possible while students are still in school, bringing a high caliber of UO alumni into the world post-graduation.

We recognize these students individually because we believe in all of our students collectively. I hope that as you take the opportunity to read each of their stories here you are filled with pride at the good work our current students are involved in:

It is students such as our 25 winners who make the UO a high quality university, showing the commitment that our Ducks have to make the world a better place. It is this philanthropic spirit that brings our Duck alumni all over the world together to give back—both to their communities as well as to their alma mater to encourage the success of future generations of Ducks.

Congratulations to all our winners on this great achievement. We look forward to seeing the great things that you will accomplish in your futures.

 Paul J Clifford