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Alli Bach '00, '10, MM '12
Michael M. Ball '82
Steven R. Barone
John C. Baynard '75
Norman J. Bethany MA '69
Korrin L. Bishop '11
Danielle M. Booth '13, MEd '14
Eddie L. Boyd MEd '14
Robert E. Burnett '57
Heather Campbell
Robert A. Carichoff, Esq. '96
Kevin Cigliano '14
William W. Clingman '80, MS '88
Kelsi L. Colombi '08
Tara M. Cowen '13
Jennifer M. Dose MEd '14
Kathleen A. Downey '85
Amaya M. Drake '14
Bret A. Eason '14
John R. Easton '91
John C. Eberly '91
Jill Ronne Eberwein '81
Melissa A. Edwards '14
Debbie Jane Egan MEd '81
Barbara Fisher '93
Leona M. Franklin '14
James W. French '14
David L. Goward '06, MActg '07
Lawrence B. Grissom '64
Jesse B. Harding '04
Nola W. Harrington '81
Carol B. Hedwall '61
Corianne A. Heinke '92
Robert A. Heinke
Jess L. Hilbert
Willadean Huling '68, MLS '71
Joanna S. E. Irby '11
Kurt M. Knechtel
Trina Eubank Laidlaw '77, JD '83
Henry Lam '14
Eric L. Larsen '61, '65
Kathryn Fuller Lingenfelter '98
Humberto L. Lupercio '12
Ival M. McMains '70
Marie Peery Medford '48
Lauren C. Mills '82
Scott J. Milne '91
Keith A. Muramatsu '05
Genevieve M. Muramatsu '04, MEd '06
Timothy P. Murphy '73
Naomi W. Nagaki '78, MA '79, MBA '80
Kenneth K. Okada '14
West H. Paar '03
Eugene K. Park '06
Kaylyn M. Parrish '13
Donald M. Poe MS '61
Katy Waddill Sauber '58
Michael V. See '71
Murray L. Smith '59
Michael J. Smith
Ranjit A. Steiner '14
Daley Stevens '14
Lance T. Terada '91
Mary Ann Thenell
Paul M. Thoma '06
Timothy C. Titus '63
Kevin Turley MS '08, PhD '13
Tamara A. Walters '01
Leslie R. Weatherhead '77
Kjorina Gangnes Weaver '00