Oregon fans cheer on Marcus Mariota at a Tennessee Titans game.

Unofficial Watch Parties

Just because your area doesn’t have an official UOAA chapter doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the watch party fun!

By UO Student Lili Wagner

“Nashville is bigger than Eugene but there are lots of colleges so it still has that college town vibe,” said Jen Balzer, BA ’96, who has been living in Nashville for eight and a half years now. “The city has become a huge destination. There’s live music, and not just country but all kinds of genres. There are music festivals. Any event you go to there will be a live band and food trucks. And the venues and bars are great!”

Sounds awesome, so what’s missing? According to Balzer, a Duck fan base. That’s why she, along with fellow Ducks in the area, have started gathering for informal football watch parties, cheering on the Oregon Ducks and the Tennessee Titans, led by quarterback Marcus Mariota, BS '14.

“When Marcus was drafted we immediately began to hope that would bring some Oregon people out of the woodwork,” Balzer says. “Everyone is wearing Mariota’s jersey here.”

Nashville Duck fans often gather to watch the Titans and Ducks at Crow’s Nest, a sports bar. “When we watch games, we’re a small group but sometimes we attract the attention of other people in the bar because of our novelty, being from Oregon.”

When Duck games aren’t televised nationally and appear only on Pac-12 Networks, someone will usually volunteer their home where the group meets to stream the game.

“We’re happy with our numbers so far but we’re looking forward. We’re excited to grow,” Balzer says.

If you’re interested in joining this spirited group of fans, follow the Music City UO Ducks on Facebook or find the handle @musiccityducks on Twitter.

Nashville fans are just one of many groups to host unofficial watch parties. Find watch parties across the country through the UOAA. Whether you’re attending an officially organized regional watch party hosted by a UOAA chapter or organizing your own informal event with friends and fellow fans, be sure not to miss an opportunity to show your Oregon spirit with Ducks in your area! Click here to learn more.