If you bleed green and yellow make sure to donate in the upcoming 14th Annual Civil War Blood Drive this November!

A Very Civil War

By UO student Lili Wagner

This year’s Civil War brings the University of Oregon an opportunity to avenge last year’s loss to Oregon State University—no, not on the football field (yes, we won 47-19) but in the annual Civil War Blood Drive. Despite taking the L in last year’s competition, Oregon will return for the 14th year of this tradition, hoping to bring the trophy back to the Ford Alumni Center and increase donations of blood and blood supplies in time for the critical holiday season.

Blood donations generally reach a low during the holidays, which is why the Civil War Blood Drive is critical for maintaining a healthy community blood supply. Supported by the University of Oregon Alumni Association and the Oregon State Alumni Association, the Civil War Blood Drive seeks to mobilize not only Eugene and Corvallis area Ducks and Beavers, but the expansive network of university supporters throughout the state. Fans can donate statewide at American Red Cross, Lane Blood Center, and Bloodworks Northwest locations.

Susan Burton, BA '09, assistant director of student and alumni relations at the University of Oregon Alumni Association, said, “The holidays are a high need time. People are busy with seasonal activities and tend to donate less in the winter, which is why the Civil War Blood Drive was conceived to have enough blood to last through the holiday season.”

Last year more than 3,500 University of Oregon students, alumni, fans, and supporters successfully donated blood and cast votes in favor of the UO. OSU fans won out by just 47 votes, but the 7,179 total votes statewide represented a massive donation effort. Each vote cast equates to approximately one pint of blood donated. The effects of this effort are tremendous and far reaching, as each pint of blood can save up to three lives.

Though the holiday period is critical, the need for blood is enduring. While there’s a high demand for common blood types, rare blood types are equally valuable precisely because they’re donated with less frequency. Blood can save the lives of accident victims, people undergoing treatment for chronic and serious illnesses, premature infants, recipients of organ donations, and even individuals undergoing common procedures.

The Civil War Blood Drive kicks off November 2 and runs through November 20. Donations are accepted across the state—and in Vancouver, WA—at Lane Blood Center, Bloodworks Northwest, and American Red Cross locations. The 2015 Civil War Blood Drive leads up to the clash between the Oregon Ducks and the Oregon State Beavers, held this year at Autzen Stadium, Friday, November 27.

Despite what the scoreboard reads at the end of the day, hospital patients win knowing there’s a healthy community blood supply thanks to the generosity (and spiritedness!) of Oregonians.

To learn more visit www.civilwarblooddrive.com.