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Bailey Nicole Albrecht '15
Robert S. Armour '67
Mary Ann Ayson
Jennifer K. Babcock '15
Derek T. Baggett '14
Connie E. Ballmer '84
Jeffrey M. Baum JD '92, MBA '92
Patricia Baum MBA '90
Kaitlyn M. Belt '15
Jennifer E. Berg '93
Dick Bourret '62
Jason A. Brady '15
Larry A. Brizendine '72
J. Warren Carkin '49, '51
Eddy K. Chen '96
Rudyard J. Coltman '91, JD '96
Michael P. Coughlin '79
Katherine S. Coughlin '81
Piper A. Criscola '15
Chris W. Dalengas '77
James S. Drew '69, JD '72
Thomas J. Dryden DMD '57
Rodger M. Dwight '65
Latham Flanagan, Jr.
Jennifer L. Forbes '15
Michael B. Forbes
T. Paul Frank, Jr. '84
James M. Frost '78
Kimberly Kellum Frost '78
Sharon Patterson Hardy '69
Stephanie K. Heisler '85
Bernd D. Hoffmann '79
Christine M. Hoffman
Shirley Hardy Holzinger '57
Terry L. Hunt
Marc M. Kelly
Christopher A. Jirges JD '15
Douglas A. Kincaid JD '11
Judith Ashley Johnson Klefman '63
William F. Lacey MEd '60, EdD '71
Silvia Yolanda Ledezma '11
Heather S. Lewis '97
Charles M. Lillis, PhD PhD '72
Susan E. Lowenberg '82
Hansjuergen Mai '12
James D. Meinert '65, MEd '67, PhD '74
Lorraine Berkins Nopp '46
Alberta Chase Norris '54
Michael L. Raasch '14
Sandy D. Rice '86
Susan R. Rieke Smith EdD '15
Jeffry H. Smith
Philip H. Sanstrum '82
Gina B. Cully-Sanstrum '82
Nora Kirby Schamel '91
Kirk W. Schamel '91
Rose G. Selko '07
Jeremy A. Sinton '15
Steven A. Smith '66, MA '70
Robert W. Smith '66
Christopher E Socha
Janet E. Starnes
Monica M. Stitt '13
Terry R. Stonehocker
Mel Logan Stonehocker
Dylan T. Sullivan '11
Grant Alexander Templeton '15
Timothy M. Vignos MS '15
George P. Vinson '66
W. David Whisenant '60
Jessica C. Wickum '02