Alex Deitz

Photo courtesy Steve Smith

DC Ducks award $1,000 scholarship to UO undergraduate in nation’s capital for unpaid internship

By Korrin L. Bishop, BS '11, DC Ducks Scholarship Chair and Vice President-elect

The National Capital Chapter of the University of Oregon Alumni Association (DC Ducks) awards a $1,000 scholarship each year to a University of Oregon undergraduate or graduate student participating in an unpaid internship in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. The goal of our scholarship program is to facilitate skills and career development through interactive hands-on work experience.

Each year, we’re impressed by the caliber of students coming to the region, and are inspired by our alma mater’s next generation of leaders.

This past summer, the DC Ducks awarded our scholarship to political science major, public speaking minor, and Gilman Scholar Alex Deitz. Alex focused her studies on constitutional law and comparative politics in Russia. In addition, Alex studied abroad at St. Petersburg State University in St. Petersburg, Russia, and worked as a tutor for student athletes.

In her application to us, Alex shared a quintessential Duck moment she experienced as a student, and how it connected to her desire to make the most out of her internship, writing:

“When walking into the Moshofsky Center on game day, I saw an honest and understated billboard that said, ‘Everyone loses games. Few change them.’ My goal is to use this internship to become a game changer. This experience will be the starting point of my career as a civil servant and as someone who works tirelessly to produce new and effective solutions.”

Alex interned at the Millennial Action Project in Washington, DC where she learned how to conduct and present in-depth policy research. She also gained real-world insight on how nonprofit organizations work to impact national policy agendas. She plans to use the skills she gained in a career in law and public policy, which she plans to advance by attending law school.

Alex recently reflected on her time in our nation’s capital to the DC Ducks Board, sharing:

“My deep passion for politics brought me to Washington, DC where I was constantly immersed in public policy, research, and debate. Being able to spend time not only building my career, but also experiencing the culture of U.S politics made for an exciting and invaluable summer. Overall, the summer required a rigorous amount of critical thinking, but I was rewarded with incredible personal and professional growth. It was undoubtedly an experience I would not have been able to take advantage of without the University of Oregon Alumni Association.” 

In addition to providing our scholarship award, the DC Ducks also provide all students visiting the area with the opportunity to network both socially and professionally with Duck alumni. This program is one of the most important ways we fulfill our mission to make the University of Oregon stronger by fostering lifelong relationships, and helping Ducks become champions and cheerleaders, ambassadors and advocates for the university.

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