The Ducks Who Gave Campus Buildings Their Names

Coming in 2016, we'll be profiling the namesakes of a number of the University of Oregon's buildings. You can learn about  how Thomas Edison's lightbulb, an Irish minister, the first house in Lane County, a textbook author, the fastest crossing of the Oregon Trail, and Vietnam War protests shaped the campus we know today.

The Ducks our buildings are named for may not be household names beyond our campus, but they're certainly known to everyone who studied at the UO. Villard. Condon. Hendricks. Streisinger. Clark. Carson.

This year, learn about the impact they had on the university and Lane County, and find out just why their names live on in the history books via the brick and mortar of the UO's campus buildings. In addition to being entertained by rollicking tales from the state's history books, you might just gain a deeper appreciation for the formative years of your alma mater!