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Oscar U. Arana '04, MBA '12
Elizabeth B. Austin
Harold W. Bailey '77, MS '79
Michael G. Banks '14
Katelyn C. Berry '11
Christine M. Blankshein MIArch '03
William L. Bordwell '70
Brett T. Boren '14
Gabriel Borlant-Guertler '12
J. Martin Cahill, III '92
Alexandra L. Carfioli '14
Joseph M. Carson '49
Elizabeth Chambers '83
John A. Church '63
Chan C. Clarkson '48
Winstead W. Coleman '78
Edsel V. Colvin '48, MEd '63
Craig L. Davis '83
Jeff Davis, III '57
Margot Bullier Dewart
Dorothy Chapman Dryden
Torrey E. Dunn '14
Larry P. Engelgau '63
Elvita B. Engelgau
James W. Frost '47
Marjorie T. Garland '47
Suzanne Gemmell '60
Patricia G. Greenwood '47
Jayne Bowerman Hall '37
Harrington Harlow '40
Robert D. Heller '49
Ernest F. Hinkle '43
Richard O. Hollenbeck '54
Janet Linse Homrighausen '77
Corinna Kelley Hughes '99
Henry J. Hukari '51
Valerie L. Isenberg '99
Michael E. James '72, MS '78
Marleny G. James
Fred S. Kohlruss '54
Sally Berlow Lerner '54, MS '61
John E. Lind '83
Doris B. MacDonald
Malcolm D. MacGregor '51
Jesse T. Manzo '12
Jonathan M. Marks '05
Jessica A. Friedman-Marks '06
Loy W. Marshall, Jr. '54
Douglas J. Mason '06
John C. McCall '65
Eric S. McCready '63, '65, MA '68
Mac McLaughlin, CPA '49
Elizabeth A. McNamara '14
Marjorie Dake Metzger '59
Michele D. Montague '99
Erica A. Niedermeyer-Diaz '02
Efren Diaz
Emily R. Peterson '11
Ardys Dahl Ringsdorf
Marguerite Magill Sawyer '44
Jess M. Shinn '46
Sarah A. Simmons '97
Alexandra S. Sitov '14
Alexander P. Spady '12
Tara Carpenter Sprehe '91
Timothy J. Sprehe MS '95
Chris C. Suess '14
Matthew J. Tachouet '98
Bryan W. Thompson '95
Darrell A. Thompson '50
Janis S. Tonooka '80, MS '86
Eldon O. Urbigkeit '55
William A. Van Nuys
David D. Waldow '96
Adam G. Walsh '06
Vivian C. Wheeler '38
Harold C. White '59, MS '60
Matthew K. Wynia '86
Romana Hasnain-Wynia '87, MS '89
Oglesby H. Young, II '44, '48, JD '49