Alumni records has been notified of the passing of the following members of the Duck Community. The UO Alumni Association wishes to express our condolences to family and friends.

Please contact alumni records at for information.

Mrs. Bonnie Miller Anderson, Class of '41
Mrs. Joanne Wood Bailey, Class of '61
Mr. Kenneth W. Baines, BL '58
Dr. Robert J. Bertholf, MA '63, PhD '68
Mr. Everett S. Blais, Class of '39
Mr. Harry G. Blakley, Class of '57
Dr. Richard L. Brown, PhD '92
Mrs. Patricia J. Churchley, MMUS '81
Mr. F. Warren Colvin, MBA '92
Mr. Neil E. Daugherty, MS '60
Mr. Robert W. Dotson, BS '75
Mr. Kenneth J. Dumolt, Class of '59
Mr. Harold C. Ellicott, BS '41
Mrs. Elaine Newbury Gilmore, Class of '45
Dr. Daniel A. Heryford, BS '52
Mr. Steve Irving, MED '52
Mr. John T. Lemley, MBA '67
Mr. William E. Mansell, BS '49
Mr. Mark D. Mathes, MBA '78
Mr. James G. McChesney, BA '90
Mr. James A. McClaskey, BS '61
Mrs. Helen H. Moore, Class of '38
Mr. Richard J. Nicol, BS '66
Mr. Robert H. Painter, MBA '73
Mr. Ronald W. Peterson, BS '49
Mr. James F. Rippey, BS '53
Mr. Bryan R. Scott, MBA '77
Mr. James E. Selk, BS '72
Mrs. Janet Kerley Speelman, Class of '60
Dr. Donald L. Stainsby, BS '44
Mr. Lloyd R. Stutsman, BS '48
Mr. Eugene J. Tendollen, BS '49, MS '54
Dr. Rex J. Underwood, MD '55, MS '55
Judge Richard Louis Unis, BS '51, BL '53
Maj. Frederick R. Vengelen, BS '69
Mr. Darle S. West, BS '47, MS '53