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Marcelyn Atwood '78
Neal Allen Puckett
Brian E. Bergersen '08
Ryan A. Besaw '11
Lisa M. Koch '11
Bryan R. Boender JD '12
Amanda S. Husted JD '10
Wayden C. W. Chu '15
John-Albert Conlu '12
Giovanni V. Crotti '03
Ann Curry '78
Hillary Haskins Darland '96
John L. Darland '96
Bartlett D. Eland '14
Sheryl M. Engelbert-Scott '86
Volker W. Engelbert MBA '87
Alec E. Everson '14
Richard K. Grosscup MBA '71
Sally Thoenig Grosscup '68, PhD '77
William M. Hayward '14
Venice M. Holliday MEd '66
Heather Soczek Hulit '02
Kurt E. Karl '74
Kayla M. Klinge '13
Juliejohn W. Knott '92
Mike Lamb
William M. Levie
Jerrie Dick Lovre '62
Ellie McMahon '14
Hollee A. McNamee '01
Kelly B. Menachemson
Richard Mollison, USN, Ret '66, JD '69
Helen H. Moore
Edwin W. Morgan, Jr. '81
Herbert N. Nill '52
Sally C. Nill '57
Bob Overstreet '63
Kim B. Overstreet '64
Whitney D. Parkin '15
Alyssa Nicole Pettigrew '10
George E. Porter, Jr.
H. Roger Qualman '66, MBA '71
James F. Rippey '53
Nolan W. Robinson '94
Terrell Robinson '11
Pam Saltenberger '66
Arielle Shamash '15
Margaret M. Stabile '13
Barbara Olinger Unck
Paul Valla
Mabel Westley Ward '68
Kassandre R. Witzel-Plum '96