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Mitchell B. Abess
Jodie M. Aguilar
Alexis N. Amavisca
William B. Arnold '65, MS '66
Amanda L. Barclay '15
Caroline D. Barrett '15
Douglas J. Beick '15
Angela M. Belding '89
Liana Berke '15
Chris Bias '66
Holly G. Bishop '15
Bob Blair '48, '49
Brian E. Boyce '77
Travis R. Breier
Kalie R. Browne '15
Travis A. Burkey '12
Micheline N. Proctor '12
Emily P. Buswold
Janelle A. Cabuco '12
Ty J. Cademartori '03
Raelyn Cichosz
Kaysea Rae Dahlstrom '15
Jarren Dang
Robert E. DaPrato
Carline A. DaPrato
Andrew J. Davis '11
Kristin N. Day '15
Brooke K. DeLaney '92
Michaelle L. Douglass '13
Jeffery Nickel
Jason D. Downing '12
Connor R. Dumont '14
Jordan Farwell '14
Spencer T. Fong '15
Brentano D. Giuliano
Leslie J. Gray MA '15
Elizabeth A. Harn PhD '00
Rebecca S. Hoglund '90, MS '95
Alaina R. Hornibrook
Don L. Hunter
Jennifer L. Jakubek
Michael D. Jedlicka '12
Zhenrong Jia '15
Kyle Johnson '12
Peter B. Johnson '80
Shirley A. Hancock '80
Dillon C. Jones '15
Matthew W. Kurowski MBA '12
Wendy Smith Laing JD '94, MBA '94
Ryan L. Lank '14
Kelly R. Lonergan '12
R. Desmond Mayo
Molly M. McGrew '12
Nancy C. McIntyre '66
Charles E. McLaughlin '83
Stanley J. Miller '61, MEd '62
Helen Wiley Miller '60
Leah L. Murray '12
AnJanette Burchett
David A. Nutting MActg '12
Arturo Onesto, Jr. '14
Trever Patino '99
Shirley A. Quinn '55
Charlie E. Richenstein
Michael T. Riley '82
Nolan P. Rogers '15
Brock A. Rowley '98, MEd '99, EdD '15
Alexandra E. Sanchez '14
Katie E. Scherman MFA '15
Philip G. Sherburne '64
Lexie D. Skurdal '15
Renee Smith
Simone B. Smith
LaReina R. Starr '95
Ian R. Starr '94
Blake A. Swimmer '15
Alexander W. Titus '15
Michele Johnson Todd '94
Kaseja L. Wilder '12
Quantrell Willis
Ryan M. Yamamura '14