UO Alumni Randy Jefferis and Jordan Kent volunteer at the Fairfield Elementary School


Alumni who make the Alumni Association work

The UO Alumni Association is a volunteer-driven organization. Most of what we do, we do with the help of a vast volunteer network. We are very appreciative of the work our volunteers provide in helping us fulfill our mission of making the UO stronger through building lifelong relationships with alumni and the UO. If you would like to lend a hand, please reach out. Beware, this could be the most fun you've ever had volunteering!
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Get Involved

With more than 20 active alumni groups around the country and a full calendar of events at the Ford Alumni Center, there are countless opportunities to volunteer through the year, including recruiting students and planning events!
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Ducks Doing Good

Our UOAA chapters are committed to building the communities around them. Participate in community service events in your area!
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The Duck Alumni Recruiting Team (DART) program provides University of Oregon alumni with the opportunity to give back to their alma mater while adding a personal touch to the college admissions process. Apply to join our team!
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You don't have to be a policy expert or involved in politics to make a difference at the University of Oregon. Help us advocate on behalf of our students.