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Shannon N. Ainsworth
Gilbert Beverly Jr. MBA '03
Jenna L. Beverly MS '04
Cara N. Brown
Michael A. Brown '99
Helen C. Bryant '15
John W. Bryant '15
Allison Burk
Alyssa R. Butruce '11
Duncan S. Byargeon '15
Joanne M. Carlson '50
James M. Collins MBA '12
William Cotter
John Craig
Thomas N. Dal Pino
Virginia Pyle Decker '64, MBA '65
Jeff Eisner
Elian J. Fields '94
Barbara Fisher '93
Gerald R. Gentry '77
Lydia I. Gonsalves '13
Christopher M. Gronseth '14
Jane Sanford Harrison '62, PhD '81
Judy S. Holtz
Jason M. Houston '96
Collin W. Hoyer MBA '15
David A. Jones '15
Danielle N. Holley '15
Kate Karfilis
Marie C. Kempf '15
Joel W. Kraski
William F. Lacey MEd '60, EdD '71
Sophie C. Lair
William R. Laney '54
Seo-Goo Lee '86
Bruce MacPhail '66
Carole MacPhail
Karissa K. Miller '15
Thomas A. Moore '58
Eleni T. Papageorgacopoulos
Marilynn M. Porritt MS '15
Philip Pregill '66
Donna L. Pregill '68, MA '71
Michelle A. Reis '15
Gilbert H. Rodgers
Sharon Rodgers
Maggie G. Rouse
Joshua J. Schlichter '15
Lawrence Shaine '60
Campbell Snowberger PhD '57
Brian R. Snowden '90
Erik B. Steringer '16
Nate Stice MPA '11
Michael J. Thacker '12, MS '13
Laurel K. Thacker '12
Zayne L. Turner '06
Kathryn Farnham Vogt '78, MS '79
John H. Vogt MS '67
Isaac Walker '00
Sarah A. Wilson