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Cassandra Ahwah '16
Khalid M. Alsuhaimi '78
Adam C. Bailey '15
Alyssa M. Baker '13
Tanya N. Bedward
Ryan J. Benson '16
Jack R. Borsting MA '52, PhD '60
Sharon R. Bosserman-Benson '88
Jane Fletcher Brown '65
Clifford F. Burns MS '73
Richard E. Cassinelli '87
Jake R. Charlson '15
Samson T. Chen '97
Robert L. Christiansen '63, MS '64
Hunter J. Clement '15
Janet Foster Conrad
The Honorable Donovan M. Dela Cruz '95
Sandra Price Dowdy '90
Kristina M. Drachenberg '16
Stephanie R. Farber '16
Lauren V. Garetto '16
Mayra L. Gomez '02
Barbara Surtees Goto '86
Victoria M. Hamachek '13
Suzanna Wong Hansen '74
George E. Hayworth '11
Beverly Hecht-Levy '77
Sean A. Hiller
Blaine A. Hlebechuk '15
Thomas A. Hopkins
Cornelia B. Hoppe '51
Travis B. Huber '15
William R. Hunter '70
Randy M. Jones '12
Christine M. Kirby '89
Joe M. Kraus JD '09
Tyler C. Lang '15
Grethe A. Larson JD '75
Kathy Le '15
Taylor C. Leavitt '15
Carolyn H. Lieberman
Careline S. Locke
Kyle W. Lundburg '15
Gerald T. Madden '58
Barbara Henton Marontate '50
Sveinung Melbo '87
Dalton S. Melvin '12
Matea E. Merriman '14
Lynn Atwood Monroe '82
Carianya M. Napoli '95
Vanessa A. Nordyke JD '08
Benjamin N. Nussbaumer '15
Tetsuo Ogawa '16
Rita I. Ogbeama '07
Tyler S. Ogoshi '16
Richard O. Pancost '49
James V. Ponto MArch '02
Evan T. Powell '12
Adam P. Pritt '09
Peter C. Richter '68, JD '71
Gary B. Rothenberger '61
Nicholas B. Schultz, JD '10, JD '13
S. Frank Shepard '64
Julia D. Smith '15
Barbara Blinco Sparks
Lynn D. Steiger '65, MUP '68
Kevin P. Strangeway '16
Leah D. Suderman '12, MM '13
David L. Thomas '16
Brandon Kenzo Ross Tokuyama
Jet R. Townsend '13
Samuel F. Tupou EdD '13
Madison N. Vilhauer '16
Linda Herman Whitehead
Matthew C. C. Wood
Jiayi Wu '16