New OEMBA Board of Directors Members 2017

Shi-Yi Liu

Class 15

Schrödinger, Inc.


Shi-Yi Liu is the senior vice president of marketing at Schrödinger, a scientific software company in Portland. She oversees all corporate marketing activities and was also responsible for establishing the company's Tokyo office back in 2011, after years of managing distributors in Japan. She also holds a PhD in theoretical physical chemistry from the University of Illinois.

Shi-Yi's vast experience in corporate communications and planning corporate events would be valuable to the OEMBA alumni board.

John Masters

John D. Masters

Class 30

Office of Inspector General

Special Agent

Successful agent, manager, and leader with more than 23 years of federal law enforcement experience. Proven record of accomplishments in conducting, supervising, and leading investigations, special operations, and staff to combat fraud, waste, abuse, criminal enterprises, and terrorism as a special agent, senior special agent, counterterrorism unit chief, and supervisory special agent across the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General, NASA Office of Inspector General, and the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General in various geographic areas nationally and internationally. Oversight direction for strategic planning and leadership for large, geographically separated organization(s), with large budgets and billions of dollars in investigative oversight, cost avoidances, and recoveries. Provided testimony to the Congressional Armed Services Committee. Developed teams and units; created, and implemented, agency policy, procedures, training, case management systems, and performance management systems. Served as public information officer; firearms, control tactics, officer survival, and use of force instructor. Expertise in anti-kickback, asset forfeiture, computer crimes, contract fraud, corporate compliance, embezzlement, false claims, fraud, healthcare fraud, internal affairs, mail theft, money laundering, narcotics, official misconduct, public corruption, procurement fraud, security and loss prevention, and several other investigative disciplines. Responsible for ensuring compliance with federal laws and agency policies by means of conducting administrative, civil, and criminal investigations in multiple federal jurisdictional districts. I am culturally acclimatized, diplomatic, resilient, and possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Excellent communication, organization, and leadership skills. Passionate about the OEMBA program and its growth and future success.

Lisa Glynn

Class 25

Point B Management Consulting

Senior Associate

Lisa Glynn is a continuous learner, networker and explorer. She’s combined these skills into her career and personal journey by learning and connecting others across various industries, cultures and people. She’s tactical in the day to day but strategic in developing the long term goal. Lisa was raised in the Midwest and has lived up and down the West Coast before settling in Portland in 2002. In addition to being an esteemed alumna of the fearless University of Oregon’s Executive MBA program, Lisa’s career experience is broad having worked for startups, Fortune 500, and mid-range corporations. She is currently working with PointB Management Consulting.

Once you meet Lisa you will immediately know why she should be nominated: she inspires confidence, motivation, and the courage to tackle any challenge. She has an amazing energy that makes the mundane fun and bearable. She's a driven leader that is competent, organized, and self-motivated. She puts 100 percent of herself into everything she takes on, and you can always count on her to deliver with her head and her heart.

Kimberlee Buckingham

Class 12

Cascade Sotheby's International Realty

Real Estate Broker

Kimberlee Buckingham is a long-term Oregonian and a proud Klamath-Modoc Native American. She and her husband, Tom, raised their family in Lake Oswego. Kimberlee earned her undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley and graduated from the OEMBA program in 1999. She is long-time volunteer and supporter of Dress for Success, Oregon Food Bank, schools, and women’s groups. When not working, you will find Kimberlee at yoga, barre class, knitting, reading, camping, or kayaking. She and her husband also enjoy Portland's food and music scene, and spending time with their two furry kids, coton-de tulears, Bentley and Bailey.

After a successful 25 year technology career working for IBM, Oracle, and SAP, Kimberlee is now a real estate broker licensed in Oregon working for Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty. Kimberlee is an upcoming author of SMART is the New Perfect. Her passion is encouraging women to achieve their dreams. She has developed a SMART program that empowers, enables, and inspires a community of women, breaking barriers and living the SMART way. The methodology is: Start to think about what you want to accomplish; Manage the process; Authenticate; Reality check; and Thoughtful action every day. As an author and a speaker her message is resonating with companies to improve creativity and success of women, translating into increased overall profitability.

Why should Kimberlee Buckingham be considered for the OEMBA board?

  • Motivation and Interest: Kimberlee is passionate about the OEMBA program—it changed her life! She learned how to think more strategically and has applied the lessons she learned to her business and to her life. This enabled her to rise to the top both professionally and personally.
  • Committed to Growth: Kimberlee is committed to the attracting new students, infusing an already robust program with increased vitality. She is also driven to attract more companies to join, sponsor, and be a part in expanding the program.
  • Visionary: She sees the bigger picture and longer term goals of the program. She is committed to using the latest technology in a progressive curriculum.
  • Solid Judgment and Wisdom: Collective work and life experiences have developed her ability to evaluate critical decisions as a strategic problem solver.
  • Skilled Negotiator: Honed through years of identifying customer needs, understanding corporate requirements for increased earnings per share, and communicating the benefits for win-win solutions to all parties.
  • Effective Coach, Leader and Mentor: Kimberlee recognizes and embraces this important role and is committed to improving relationships that foster alumni and student involvement and participation. She tirelessly endeavors to create a positive legacy of lasting influence for students, companies, and the community.
  • Committed: Board work is hard work. There can be a lot of meetings, especially with committee duties. She will take the time as she understands the responsibility and is completely dedicated to the cause!
  • Always in Service: She knows being a great board member means being an active evangelist in the ecosystem, sharing her network, and keeping her eyes open for opportunities to promote the OEMBA program.
  • Committed Ambassador: She has demonstrated in her personal and professional life her commitment to serving the underserved, especially women. She has provided tools, programs and mentoring to increase their influence and empower them for a brighter tomorrow.
  • Creative - Gutsy - Well Spoken: Enough said!