In Memoriam

Tommy Shwe 

The Cupertino city council will bestow the "Tommy Shwe Bridge Award" to a member of the community each year in memory of UO alumnus Gin-Lu "Tommy" Shwe, MS '74. Shwe, who was murdered earlier this year, had a reputation for bringing people together; one former mayor said Shwe "went out of his way to build bridges in the community," while another called him a "perfect archangel" for introducing Chinese culture to people unfamiliar with it. The award will be presented to someone who follows Shwe's example and "demonstrates leadership in bringing harmony" to the city. 

Alumni records has been notified of the passing of the following members of the Duck community. The UO Alumni Association wishes to express our condolences to family and friends.

Please contact alumni records at for information.

Henry S. Kinsell, BS '49
Cassandra Wall Ofili, MA '75
Mary Bohnenkamp Dow, BS '43
Gary J. Curran, BS '64, MS '82
Betty W. Lonergan
Willard D. Morgan
Robert W. Guns, MED '76, PHD '79
Patricia C. Clingman, BS '65, MS '70
William E. Love, MA '50, JD '52
Jaculine Austin Lavey
Robert G. Ringo, BS '49
Robert E. Butler, MED '57
Howard N. Smith, BS '52, MS '56
Eugene E. Hilfiker, BBA '53
Ralph W. Younger, BS '67
Dale E. Rushton, BS '56, MED '60
David R. Hamaker, BS '70
Kent G. Washburn, BS '66
William Rosencrantz, BS '62
Aaron D. Rogat, BA '95
Dorothy Edlefsen Scales
Gregory R. Kiene, BA '86
Mike Speer
Carol O'Brien Mead, BS '48, MED '58
Joann S. McClintic
Rita E. Gallagher, BS '60
William S. Morrow, BA '96, MARC '00, MS '03
Gladys McNutt Olson, BS '44
Gerald L. Thomas, MS '64
Charles H. Amstutz, JD '70
Ailsa A. Bloodworth
Robert L. Shaw, BARC '71
Einar H. Johnson, BS '51, BARC '52
James A. O'Conner, CPR '88
Suzanne B. Mabee
Marilyn Coleman Hillier, BS '52
Linda T. Crimson, MFA '77
Bernard G. Crowell, MS '59
Clifton G. James, BS '49
Joseph E. Lifschutz
Walt H. Evans, BS '63
Barbara R. Svensen, NOD '46
Rev. David L. Nott, BA '77
Bruce L. McIntosh, MS '58
Richard C. Oliverio, MED '63
James P. Waters, MA '61
Arnold S. Westerman, BS '50
Judy Child, PHD '81
Jean McKenzie Brownhill
Paul W. Ruttencutter, BA '67
Beverlee Sloan Smith
Janet Bean Martin
Carol Z. Shonk, BA '67
Dale P. Parnell, MED '57, DED '64
Audrey A. Wheeler, BA '61
Patricia H. Mayo, MA '66
Donna Callaway Ball, BS '64
H. Curtis Finch, BARC '52
Robert S. Benson, MED '64
Richard P. Easley, MS '84
Roger D. Gross, BA '57, PHD '71
Clifton Mitchell, MS '92
Fred L. McGinnis, BA '62
Nelson K. Taylor, BS '67
Allen A. Kirk, BS '48, MS '50
Elton S. Nystrom, BS '50
Eloise M. Stevenson, BS '46
Isaac R. Jackson, BA '02, JD '05
Norma Gillard Fossati
Nan Galbreaith
James Z. Snow, BS '50
Robert R. Hollis, BL '51
Harold R. Young, MED '65
Donn M. Sullivan, BS '56
Stephen P. Samhammer, BA '91
Barbara D. Fuhrer, BA '46, MED '70
Dee L. Fuller, BS '56
Neville D. Method, BS '80
James E. Morgan, BA '63
George E. Balch, BS '50
Shirley A. Miller, MA '89
Keith L. Hoskins
S. Dale Potts, BS '58, MS '62
Frank L. Betzer, BS '51
Sandra Hanusa Lange, MED '87
Leslie Watson Botjer, BA '65
Barry D. Goggin, BS '68, MS '70
Jeannette Smith Forsman, BA '46
Dr. Agnar A. Straumfjord, MD '55, MS '55
Herbert M. Works, MA '63
L. Steven Hannigan, BS '86
Ray G. Westenhouse, BS '55
Robert M. Hurst, MA '63, PHD '66
Richard D. Lee, BBA '52
John H. Turner, CPR '86
Sally Passmore Thomas, BS '58
Keith E. Roe, MLS '73
Donald J. Call, BA '57, MA '59, PHD '65
Wendell E. Austin, MED '58
Herman R. Lawson, MS '51
Norma Skeie McNutt
Allan J. Nyegaard, MMUS '62
Marjorie E. Markstaller
C. Gene Hover, BS '52
Megan D. Roche, BA '97
Sidney E. Field, BS '65
Dorothy G. Negropontes, MS '91
Charles J. Carlson, BS '51
Bruce A. Bales, BS '56
Dale R. Hogan
William L. Miles, BS '60
Thomas A. M. Priebe, BA '82
Charlene L. Curry, PHD '72
Willadean Huling, BS '68, MLS '71
A. Margaret Watts Rieder
Lucille Bryant Reagan, BS '45, MS '48