Duck Adoption
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Do you consider yourself a Duck despite the minor detail that, technically, you didn’t graduate from the University of Oregon? Maybe you’re married to a Duck, but you think you’re more of a Duck than your spouse. Maybe you took classes at the UO, but never finished your degree. Or maybe you’re one of those many crazy, rabid fans out there.

The UO Alumni Association understands your dilemma, and we are here to help. We are proud to now offer the Official Duck Adoption Program! That’s right, if you can demonstrate your commitment to the UO, the UO Alumni Association will officially adopt you as a Duck.

You can choose to be adopted and renew your Duck status annually, or you can be adopted for life. The choice is yours.
Are you ready to be officially recognized as a Duck by the UO Alumni Association? Then let’s get started with a quick quiz to show us how much you know about the University of Oregon.

Note: This quiz if for entertainment purposes only and not a requirement for joining the UOAA.  

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